1. Digital Functional Literacy DFL A digital learning toolkit, imparting functional digital literacy through hands-on training and workshops. It has been designed exclusively for first-generation technology users to promote digital inclusion and fight information poverty. It will help beneficiaries to have functional digital skills to navigate daily need digital tools, platforms for information access, services and information – communication networks. First-generational technology users among Rural, Tribal communities. English, Hindi, Local language 45 hours 6 Offline & Online
2. Digital Financial Literacy DFNL It seeks to develop functional digital skills for financial service use, access services, banking services, cyber fraud and how to transact online safely and securely. It will help the beneficiaries to use online financial, banking platforms, solutions including mobile App based services and opportunities. For people who lack digital and finacial literacy understanding English, Hindi, Local language 45 hours 6 Offline & Online
3. Rural-Micro-Women Digital Entrepreneurship (Soochnapreneurship) RMWDE A management  training for information – digital entrepreneurs; This course would enable the rural youth, women to become rural digital entrepreneurs in order to strengthen and democratise the environment of public schemes information dissemination, information and digital services, digital financial services, and final entitlement gains for focused groups and beneficiaries. It would help the rural youth and women to become change agents by being SoochnaPreneurs (Soochna Sevaks), while the actual beneficiaries will be the rural households and individuals who are majorly left out of the public schemes information access and delivery networks, information based digital services. For youths, women, and existing solo entrepreneurs English, Hindi, Local language 4 weeks (120 hours) 4 Offline & Online
4. ICTs for NGO / CSO Management eNGO The Course aims to enhance the digital skills of the non-profit organizations. It will equip grassroots nonprofits working in the development sector set up their own websites and go online with .in domain. It will further enable them to have their own ICT  / digital plan of action for organisation management and project / programme implementation at community level including use of social and new media tools and solutions. For Grassroots NGOs/CSOs working at community level English, Hindi, Local language 4 weeks (120 hours) 4 Offline & Online
5. Media & Information Literacy (MIL) and Fake News, Misinformation and Disinformation Management MIL-FMDM This training seeks to enhance skills and capacities of youth, citizens and organisations to understand the dynamics of media, new media, social media, navigation, usage, challenging and threat areas, dealing with fake news, misinformation and disinformation at various levels. Community People, Students, Police Officials and NGOs. English, Hindi, Local language 4 weeks (120 hours) 4 Offline & Online
6. Wireless & Network Management WNM Course is to provide training to the barefoot wireless engineers on planning the setup of wireless networks to actual installation and maintenanc of wireless networks. For youths including women having interest and basic understanding of wireless and networking. English, Hindi, Local language 4 weeks (120 hours) 4 Offline
7. ICT for Weavers and Handloom Enterprise Management ICTW-HEM The course is desgined to help, preserven, promote and sustain handlooms and weaving communities and handloom enterprises and units by helping them through digital intervention. It will improve the income of the communities and open a new avenues for ideas and engagements. Weavers, handloom societies, cooperatives, enterprises and units English, Hindi, Local language 12 weeks 6 Offline
8. Social Media for Enterprise Development SMED Social media plaforms have become an important instrument to reach out to the customers, to promote works, and opened up a new avenues for the ideas. This course is designed to help to teach effective uses of social media platforms. It will help to facilitate enterprises grow through training and workshops into effective digital enterprises. Micro, Small and Rural Enterprises English, Hindi, Local language 8 weeks 8 Offline / Online
9. Digital Panchayat Development DPD This training is designed for elected peoples representatives (EPR) of Panchayats in India. The training seeks to enhance digital understanding, usage, navigation for effective services design, delivery and overall Panchayat management. Elected Peoples Representatives of Panchayats in India including the 50% of women EPRs English, Hindi, Local language 4 weeks (120 hours) 8 Offline
10. Digital Skills for Public Library Professionals DSPL  The course is desgined to help in maximum utilisation of library thorough digital intervention. This training is designed to develop understanding, perspective and capacities in public librarians on how to re-invent the public library spaces with access, connectivity, content, services, information and communication for greater involvement and engagement of local citizens and communities for their needs. Public Library Professionals at State, district, mandal, Panchayat and village levels in both public and private sectors. English, Hindi, Local language 8 Weeks (200 hours) 12 Offline / Online
11. STEM Education  for Advanced Learning SEAL Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is a school based programme focused on life skills, career guidance, digital literacy and coding skills. Learners are trained in STEM for a better career opportunities in the future. School going students and drop outs and girls English, Hindi, Local language 6 months 12 Offline / Online
12. English and Digital for Girls Empowerment EDGE This training is designed for adolescent girls with focus on English and digital skills for functional and application purpose. The objective is to make girls for confident, aware, informed and to participate effectively on online platforms to access information and opportunities. Enhancing life and soft skills is a core area of this training. Adolescent girls in schools / colleges and girls who are dropped out of education. English, Hindi, Local language 12 weeks (120 hours) 8 Offline / Online
13. Crowd Sourcing and Crowd Funding Management CSCFM This trainined is aimed at building skills and capacities of NGOs / CSOs in fund raising using the digital / new media / social media platforms – solutions and tools. NGOs / CSOs English, Hindi, Local language 4 weeks (40 hours) 8 Offline / Online
14. Digitial Skills for Livelihood and Entrepreneurship for Persons with Disabilities D-Enable This basic digital and digtial financial skills and training is designed to enable Persons with Disabilities to learn and navigate digital tools, platforms, solutions to set up and run its own micro digital enterprise at home / outside place. Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) English, Hindi, Local language 4 weeks (40 hours) 8 Offline / Online