The courses introduce new ways of working, focussed on user-centred service design. Developing these skills contributes to building capability and creating the culture change needed for digital transformation in emerging digital society and economy.

The courses also have benefits to participants and organisations, including:

    • increased capability to serve leading services through service centred design
    • increased efficiency
    • consistency in learning, ways of working and the implementation of Digital Transformation programmes across the the social, development sector and public and citizen entitlement services access and delivery.



Tabassum joined CSC in 2019. She noticed how her village people are facing challenges to avail digital services. They had to commute to cities to access these. She made their life easier by opening her centre and providing services like money transaction, registration of various government and non- government schemes, Pan Card & Aadhar Card application…

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This is a story of a girl named Ramya. She is studying in 9th class in ZPHS, Thoguta. She has faced numerous challenges in the school which she could not even speak of with her family and friends. She had stage fear and can’t speak with her teachers and classmates. She is quite ambitious but…

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One of my students’ parents of Banswada School has called me on September 21, 2020, after the completion of gender session. Geetha said that she felt very happy that her daughter has participated in the sessions and learned about gender and menstruation.  Even she herself doesn’t know the exact facts and myths about menstruation but…

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Asha Kumari

Vidya is a woman farmer and belongs to a poor family. She lives with her husband and three daughters. Both she and her husband are above 60 years of age and due to their age they are unable to do labour to earn wages. Since they do not have their own land, it was getting…

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Arun Mahto

“Why aren’t you marrying off your daughter yet? Do you want us to approach the people who will bring rishtas for your daughter?” These questions were bombarded at Arun Mahto, the moment his daughter Priya completed her 11th Standard. It took a long time for Priya to fight against the society and convince her parents…

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Ravi R

A weaver and seller, Ravi R hails from Kollegal, Karnataka and is working to preserve his community’s art of designing silk sarees with zari work and intricate designs. Ravi with the help of his son is now trying to expand his customer base through Digital Entrepreneurial Skill training given by Digital Empowerment Foundation. He was…

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