A number of skill development, training and capacity building projects were undertaken, completed at DEF / DEF Academy.

1 Capacity Building Initiative for Tribal Youth Bharat Rural Livelihood Foundation (BRLF) Providing knowledge and skills based digital literacy training  to youth – digital devices & their components 12 months; 2016 Completed
2  Improving Livelihoods of Rural Weavers through Digital Training- COL 2000 Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Providing digital skills and entrepreneurship training to rural weavers and artisans 2019 Completed
3 Digital Rural Entrepreneurship programme for Women- COL 5000 Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Providing literacy skills to rural women entrepreneurs on digital entrepreneurship, financial literacy , online safety and security 8 months; 2020  Completed
4 Course and Training on Barefoot Wireless Engineers Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Providing training to the wireless engineers on planning the setup
of wireless networks to actual installation and maintenance of wireless networks.
2020 Completed
5 COVID 19 Toolkit UNICEF Toolkit to spread awareness and take action on COVID 19 2020 Completed
6 Strengthening Innovative Library Leaders (SILL) Mortenson Center for International Library Programme, University of Illinois, USA Training course is for Public and Community Librarians to build their leadership qualities 2021 Completed
7 Digital Beti Facebook Course is about providing training to women from rural areas to become entrepreneurs, using digital tools. 2019-20 Completed
8 Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit GSMA A guide for training people in basic mobile internet skills 2017 Completed
9 TikTok  Online Safety Security Tik Tok Driving online safety & educational content 2019 Completed
10 Fighting Fake News WhatsApp This course is designed to give the trainers along with the community people, students, police officials and NGOs, a framework to deal with fake news, misinformation and disinformation. 2019
11 WhatsApp Business for Agriculture & Farmers WhatsApp The course is about training farmers on WhatsApp business 2019 Completed
12 Crowdfunding at India Ahemdabad University The paper explains the model and techniques of crowdfunding 2016 Completed
13 ATAL Tinkering Lab Operation manual Intel and Niti Aayog The manual outlines the detailed plan of establishing and operating tinkering labs for the young minds 2020 Completed
14 Let’s Tinker Handbook Intel and Niti Aayog The aim of this book is to provide the user – teachers & students with content which can help a young mind to become creator or maker 2020 Completed
15 C3 Digital Literacy Curriculum Centre for Catalysing Change This course will provide hands on experiences to youth using creative thinking to use digital devices and technology innovatively
and for daily use.
2021 Completed
16 Code Club Registration guide Raspberry Pi Foundation This guide explains about the process for registering in Code Club N/A Completed
17 Digital Security Training Kit European Union, APC & Digital Empowerment Foundation This kit aims to protect information infrastructure in cyberspace, build capabilities to prevent and respond to cyber threats N/A Completed
18 Grow Your Business: Facebook Dost training kit Facebook This kit aims to teach people how to grow their business through effective marketing using online tools such as facebook pages 2018 completed
19 The Digital Inclusion Coalition Handbook Media Democracy fund and National digital inclusion alliance This guidebook is for people working for digital inclusion & equity in one comunities N/A Completed
20 IES: A Digital Literacy programme Intel Course aims to provide new skills by developing products & covers use of technology in different areas N/A completed
21 Keeping Youself Safe Online Digital Empowerment Foundation, Woman act against trolls, webaware Course is about training women on Online safety N/A Completed
22 Office Suite: Intermediate Level Course Course aims to provide the following: Intermediate word processing skills, Intermediate spreadsheet skills; Intermediate presentation skills N/A Completed
23 Teaching & Learning with Twitter UNESCO Course outlines how twitter can be used by educators & social actors of all kinds to innovate for better learning outcomes N/A Completed
24 Communication Toolkit Voices of Rural India Toolkit covers: tips for mobile photgraphy & tips for Mobile videography N/A Completed
25 Transform Rural India TATA Trust This guide aims to catalyse market solution for quality life services: healthcare, education, drinking water etc. 2016-17 Completed
26 NFLM Curriculum Nasscomm Foundation Course covers the following topics of digital & financial literacy & soft skills 2020 Completed