DEF Digital Academy courses are unconventional and alternative skilling courses with focus more on functional, operational and management skills in using digital platforms, tools, solutions in effective management of social and development work, digital based development information and communication processes, and participate in digital based social and economic transactions and processes. DEF Digital Academy courses are effective for:

(1) Mainstream students in social sciences, social and development studies who are willing to work and join the development sector;

(2) NGO/CSO workers, professionals, management who wants to effectively use digital tools, platforms, solutions and frameworks for better management of organisational matters, and integrating digital solutions and methods in existing and potential development interventions at community level;

(3) For Cooperatives, Self Help Groups (SHGs) and their members, Micro and Small Enterprises and entrepreneurs to adopt and deploy need based digital means and solutions to achieve desired results in economic and commerce activities;

(4) For elected Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI) members, elected members of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), and elected Members of Legislative Assembly and Parliament to understand and deploy Digital Frameworks and solutions to engage communities and citizens better for good governance and effective services delivery.