The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) mind-set and scientific process skills are the need of the 21st century as they help question and challenge stereotypes, myths and superstitions, enable better political decisions.

Whatsapp Business

Local artisans, weavers, hawkers and vendors are no longer merely road-side sellers; economists call them micro and nano entrepreneurs. India is home to millions of these entrepreneurs that can be found at almost every nook and corner of our streets and villages.


TikTok is a platform to bring out the inherent talent of people in different forms. People can make short videos and upload them on tik-tok to reach, engage and connect with a larger audience. This module is entirely based on activities.

Digital BETI

Digital Beti, a joint initiative of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s CSC Academy and Facebook, envisions overcoming the digital gender gap in India by training women from rural areas to become entrepreneurs, using digital tools.


Wireless for Communities (W4C) is an initiative that aims to connect rural and remote locations of India, where mainstream Internet Service Providers are not willing to provide Internet connectivity, through frugal technology and unlicensed spectrum bands.


START is a digital learning and MIL toolkit, which has been developed after years of experience in imparting functional digital literacy through hands-on training and workshops in rural and tribal communities. It has been designed exclusively for first-generation technology…